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”Strong voiced singer”, "Imaginative and innovative composer”, ”Troubadour that will sweep you off your feet”, "Why doesn´t he play CCR or something as good?!" are just few sentences when speaking about Antti Who.

Troubadour that really does sweep you off your feet and rocks your socks off into the bargain! 

Alternative rock band Snipe Drives, metal band Retrogressions vocalist/guitarist/composer and vocalist/composer/lyricist for LAUMA.

All around studio rat has also been in cover bands like Haven for example.

Sound engineer at a club and at music oriented school for years.

Gigs for different purposes:  Clubs, bars, restaurants, weddings, birthdays, funerals, bar mitsvas… or any party that you can think off!

You can book him immediatly as an troubadour or sound engineer or as an producer!

and you know what?… You really should!